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OPW History

Debuted in the first ever Island Warfare match, where it took three men to eliminate him. Carnage then beat four wrestlers in one night in the first ever Gauntlet Match to become number 1 contender for the IOW Championship, then went on to beat Jackson Arrow in the following title match. Recruited Axl Chaos to form The Cult of the Apocalypse with The Virus Kane Michael. Beat Stu Hurt into submission, in a violent encounter at Strings, which earnt Most Extreme OPW Moment of 2019, competed in the 2nd Island Warfare match, where it took four men to eliminate him this time, thus ending his run with the IOW Championship, despite never having been pinned one on one.

Goals in OPW

To bring the entire roster to its knees.


Carnage Bomb / One Way Trip to Hell

Wrestling idols:

Big Van Vader

Bam Bam Bigelow

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Bret Hart

Andre the Giant

Career highlight to date

Dominating Jackson Arrow, and becoming IOW Champion.

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