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Outcast Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion:


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Outcast Pro Wrestling Woman's Champion:


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OPW History: Jackson Arrow was in the first ever Outcast Pro Wrestling match, he won the first ever Island Warfare match making him the first ever Isle of Wight Champion. Since Losing the Isle of Wight championship Arrow has captured the Outcast Pro Wrestling Heavyweight

Championship and solidified himself as a regular in the main event of OPW shows!

Goals in OPW: Retain the OPW Heavyweight Championship against any challenger!

Finisher(s): Bolt From The Blue and The Flaming Arrow

Wrestling idol(s): CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, Will Osprey, Ricochet and Shawn Michaels.

Career highlight to date: Winning the 6 man ladder match for the OPW Heavyweight Championship.


- First ever Triple Crown Champion of Outcast Pro Wrestling (meaning Jackson Arrow has won the Outcast Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, the Outcast Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship and the Isle of Wight Championship).



OPW History: The Virus made an immediate impact in OPW by guiding the Monster: Maxx Carnage to the Isle of Wight Championship. That same night, The Virus entered himself into a Battle Royal and made quick work of most entrants.

Masterminding The Cult Of The Apocalypse and dominating whomever he comes into contact with, he has taken Jackson Arrow & Rudi Root to their limits on several occasions. No questions asked, The Virus is THE legitimate threat to the OPW roster.

Goals in OPW: To walk over the rosters broken bones as he ascends to his throne with gold.

Finisher(s): The Outbreak, Abigail

Wrestling idol(s):

Luke Harper

Bray Wyatt


Kyle O’Reilly

Mike Knox

Career highlight to date:

First Manager of OPW.

Main Evented Island Warfare II for the Outcast Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.




OPW history:

Competed in both Island Warfare matches, in Island Warfare 2 finished in the Final 4. Was in the opening match of the first ever OPW 18+ show at Coburgs. First man to never give up against Max Carnage with the ref stopping the match

Dominated the fatal 4 Way at Riverside 3 but failed to get the win! Competed in the first Christmas Carnage Match.

Wrestling idols:

Doplh Ziggler

The Miz

Dean Ambrose

CM Punk

Goals in OPW:

In the words of Victor Logan:

“Everyone wants to ‘be Main Eventing’ or ‘Winning Championships’ that’s not what I’m about... I’m all about showing exactly how good I am, showing that other wrestlers can’t do what I can do in the ring!

I may not win a lot of matches but I stand out like a winner every single damn time.

All I want is to be the best in ring performer going, so that no one can match me for my ability, heck if I rub people up the wrong way then fine so be it, but no one can doubt me in that ring! The ability I show better than everyone else, will one day show all of the haters wrong”.


The Rival Finale

Half a star Frog Splash

The KF-Cutter

Career highlights to date:

Wrestling debut, a first ever singles match on the Mainland in front of 400+ people.

Wrestling on the Isle of Wight in front of sold out crowds.

OPW Promo Mar 3rd 23-154.jpeg


OPW History: Debuted in the first ever Island Warfare match, where it took three men to eliminate him. Carnage then beat four wrestlers in one night in the first ever Gauntlet Match to become number 1 contender for the IOW Championship, then went on to beat Jackson Arrow in the following title match. Recruited Axl Chaos to form The Cult of the Apocalypse with The Virus Kane Michael. Beat Stu Hurt into submission, in a violent encounter at Strings, which earnt Most Extreme OPW Moment of 2019, competed in the 2nd Island Warfare match, where it took four men to eliminate him this time, thus ending his run with the IOW Championship, despite never having been pinned one on one.

Goals in OPW: To bring the entire roster to its knees.

Finisher(s): Carnage Bomb / One Way Trip to Hell

Wrestling idol(s):

Big Van Vader

Bam Bam Bigelow

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Bret Hart

Andre the Giant

Career highlight to date: Dominating Jackson Arrow, and becoming IOW Champion.



OPW history: Luna Trix has made a huge impact in Outcast Pro Wrestling in a short space of time! She won the first ever Christmas Carnage match. She finished in the final two of the second ever Island Warfare match. On the same night as she competed in Island Warfare she also had an opportunity at the Outcast Pro Wrestling Woman’s Championship and became only the second ever Outcast Pro Wrestling Woman’s Champion taking the belt off of Zan Phoenix.

Goals in OPW: Retain the Outcast Pro Wrestling Woman’s Championship at all costs!

Finisher(s): Black Widow and Crucitrix Armbar.

Wrestling idol(s):

Io Shirai

Rey Fenix

Randy Orton

Mia Yim

Finn Balor.

Career highlight to date: Winning the Outcast Pro Wrestling Woman’s Championship!



OPW History....

A Former two-time OPW Tag Team Champion, Axl Chaos remains the only man “Beast” capable of picking up and slamming “The Monster” Maxx Carnage, in his OPW debut.
Later he joined forces with Carnage and “The Virus” Kane Michael, to form the Cult of Apocalypse, who along with Newt threatened to reign terror across OPW!!
Having both been betrayed by The Virus, Chaos and Carnage found common ground and formed The Annihilation.
You will now find Chaos accepting payments in the form of cold, hard cash and even colder beers, to get in the middle of a good old fashion fight...
And there is nothing that Axl likes more!!

OPW Promo Mar 3rd 23-171.jpg


OPW history:

JJ Volare debuted in the Island Warfare match, he was first to the ring and lasted untill the final bell.

In JJ’s second match he main evented in a tables match for Isle of Wight Championship against former champion Jackson Arrow. JJ Volare was part of Outcast Death Squad a tag team that won two matches in one night to be crowned the first ever Outcast Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champions.

JJ competed in the 6 man ladder match for the vacant Outcast Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.

Only ever lost one on one to one man, Jackson Arrow. A rivalry that has progressed beyond the Isle of Wight.

Goals in OPW:

To maintain a technical, hard hitting and high flying style to all my matches.

To wrestle every match like its my last and for fans to know they're going to see high risk moves you don't see in a standard match.

To put the final nail in the coffin of the Death Squad.

To knock Jackson Arrow of his throne and take the Outcast Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship.


Pariahs breath

450 splash

Shooting star press

Who is your wrestling idol:

Dynamite kid

Chris Benoit

Dean Makenko


Career highlight to date:

Going head to head with and beating Jaden Williams and Ryan Hendricks in the final of the OPW tag title tournament.



OPW history:

Competed in and won the first ever island death match. Competed in the six man ladder match for the Outcast Pro Wresting Heavyweight Championship and was a fingertip away from winning the title! One half of the former Outcast Pro Wrestling tag team champions with partner Stu Hurt. The Storm won the titles off of the Outcast Death Squad at Island Warfare 2.

Goals in OPW: Regain the Outcast Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship.

Finisher(s): Gory Bomb and Elbow Drop.

Wrestling idol(s):



Rey Mysterio

Finn Balor

Career highlight to date: Winning the Outcast Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship!



OPW history:

Rudi Root has scratched and clawed his way to capturing the IOW Championship when he has held it before. He has had epic matches in the past. Rudi Root likes to bring a party to every match - preferably a chop party!

Goals in OPW: 

- To be remembered as one of the Best on the Isle of Wight

- To work toward the OPW Heavyweight Championship 


Root canal

Synthwave Splash

Ankle lock

Wrestling idol(s):

Jonathan Gresham, Stone Cold, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kurt Angle, Ric Flair, Kazuchika Okada, Shingo Takagi

Career highlight to date:

- 2nd ever Triple Crown Winner

 - Longest time in warfare (60mins)

323203438_689443005994267_876862366603991599_n (1).jpeg


OPW history: First man to win a match by submission in OPW. 2nd ever OPW Tag Team Champion, with Scrappy Jack. Participated in the first ever tag team tournament for the Outcast Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship. Has been involved in three Island Warfare matches, contributing to the elimination of Maxx Carnage in IW 1&2, and pinning and eliminating Axl Chaos IW 3. ​


Goals: Form a new tag team. Win the OPW Isle of Wight Championship. Tap out the OPW roster. Win a Christmas Carnage and Island Warfare match.


Signature Moves:

Boston Crab

Texas Cloverleaf

Ripcord Neckbreacker



Hart to Hurt (Sharpshooter)

Stunning Tribute (Stunner)


Wrestling idols:

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Chris Jericho


A J Styles ​


Career highlights to date: Tapping two opponents out simultaneously. Proving 'The Monster' Maxx Carnage can be beaten. Becoming Outcast Pro Wrestling Tag Team Champion. Eliminating Axl Chaos from Island Warfare 3.



O.P.W history: 


"The Outcast Kid' Azzy Adams had what can only be described as a very complex and unique career so far in OPW. He debuted at the inaugural Isle Warfare event and then went on a 21 match losing streak. Since OPW's return in July 2021, Azzy has shown a new attitude towards most of the roster, choosing to show a lack of trust in almost everyone who shares that locker room, despite this he still has a lot of respect for certain members of the roster. He lasted over 30 minutes in a gauntlet match against the former Cult of the Apocalypse, managing to defeat Newt and Maxx Carnage but failed to successfully run the gauntlet, losing to 'The Virus'  He finally got his first win over Victor Logan in April 2022, quickly following that up with a tag team win with Ajax, and successfully winning the Isle of Wight Championship.  He officially joined forces with Ajax to form Bushido Storm and they're consistently getting better and better with each showing. 



Mailbreaker Kamigoye Spear


Finishers:  AMF (Claymore to a kneeling opponent) Dawnbreaker (Eclipse) Dovah Slayer (Dragon Slayer submission)


Wrestling idols:

Tomasso Ciampa


Black Buddy Matthews 

The Undertaker

Drew McIntyre 

Seth 'Freakin' Rollins

Jon Moxley 


OPW Goals: 

To win the OPW Tag Team Championships with Ajax. Fight back towards the Isle of Wight Championship. Show he is not to be underestimated.  Fight Hard, Keep Fighting, Win


Career highlights:

Former Isle of Wight Champion. Defeating Victor Logan to get his first win. Being the only person to defeat 'The Virus' in a 1v1 Anarchy Rules match.  Forming Bushido Storm with Ajax. Only person to have wrestled on every OPW show since his debut.



O.P.W history:

Debuted in warfare V, got first win back in retaliation



the ‘oh well’, The fisherman’s buster

Wrestling idols:

John Cena, Keith Lee, Jon Moxley, Kenny Omega


OPW Goals:

To become IOW champion at the end of 2023 and eventually become heavyweight champion


Career highlights:

Appearing in Danger Zone as one half of the mystery tag team doppelgängers Victor Kent & Alex Logan Making debut at warfare V First win at retaliation

OPW Promo Mar 3rd 23-67.jpg


O.P.W history: Dude Riot first made an appearance in the Christmas Carnage match in 2018 just falling short at the hands of The Natural Scott Carine. His next match was the annual Island Warfare where he drew an unlucky number and faced off against the then Isle of Wight Champion Maxx Carnage but again, fell short. With a never say die spirit and a cocky attitude the crowd quickly embraced Dude Riot. The following year at Island Warfare 3, Dude made a impressive return lasting to the FINAL 4. Since then, after coming close in many battle Royals and nearly gaining tag team gold for himself and Major Wilson, he entered into the OPW Christmas Carnage match 2021 where a beaten and bloody Dude Riot, pinned both Dirty Dave Dennis and long time rival Scott Carine to become the winner! Safe to say, the future is looking bright for the leader of The Riot Nation. ​


Signature Moves: Lockdown plex Riot Express. 2nd rope elbow drop. Rib, Rib, Roddy punch combo,


D.D.T. Finishers: Riots End Anarchy bomb The Rebel Strong hold (Submission) ​


Wrestling Idols: Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Mr. Perfect, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Jake The Snake Roberts. Rowdy Roddy Pipper. ​


OPW Goals: Dude's goals are to face all challenges within OPW. It doesn't matter how big, bad or good you think you are, Dude won't back down from a fight. OPW has some bad people and the Riot Nation will take them down and get himself a title gold in the process! ​


Career Highlights: Making it to the final 4 of Island Warfare 3. Smacking the then IOW champion Maxx Carnage across the spine with his bat. Winning the 2021 Christmas Carnage match.



OPW history: Debuted in the second island warfare but fell short against former Isle of Wight Champion Maxx Carnage.

Goals in OPW: To march on out and give it my best shot every darn show. Dream, believe, achieve!


Pop up cutter

shell shock

Wrestling idol(s):

Stone cold Steve Austin

The Undertaker

Career highlight to date: Competing in Island Warfare after only training for such a short time.





O.P.W history: Ajax debuted at Island Warfare 2 entering early in the match to take on Maxx Carnage, surprising the crowd by staggering the giant with a volley of kicks, a victory was not to be this time but Ajax is working hard to prepare for his next shot.

Finishers: A-bomb, Jaxhammer

Wrestling idols:

Kevin Owens

Viking Raiders

Aleistar Black

Shinsuke Nakamura

OPW Goals: To work his way up the roster and overcome each member, rising to each challenge as it appears.

Career highlights: Making a strong debut performance against one of the most feared men on the Outcast roster Maxx Carnage.

OPW Promo Mar 3rd 23-80.jpg


Is there anyone tougher, more talented with more charisma in Outcast Pro Wrestling than the White Wolf? He certainly doesn’t think so.

In a land of high flyers you will rarely see The Gift leave his feet, he prides himself in being different and his unique ground and pound style certainly makes him stand out from the crowd. 

The Gift debuted in OPW back in 2019 as The Natural when he faced off against The Celtic Dragon, Neero The Hunter and Victor Logan and although he came up short and didn’t walk away with the Win he had a good showing and had a favourable reaction from the fans in attendance. The Gift then moved on to Christmas Carnage where he picked up his first victory against Dude Riot in the Christmas Carnage match.

Things then took a turn for The Gift during OPW Pre-Show he entered into a feud with Neero The Hunter, which didn’t end well when The Gift suffered a broken ankle and was put on the shelf for a number of weeks.

On his return to OPW the fans saw a completely different man when following a hard fought match between The Hunter and Dude Riot, for reasons only known to The Gift he attacked his long term friend Dude Riot and left him an unconscious heap in the middle of the ring.
Now The Gift is on a mission for one person and one person alone. HIMSELF and he will stop at nothing to leave his opponents broken on his way to obtaining OPW Gold.



Cross Armed Pedigree

Guillotine Choke


Future Shock DDT

Wrestling idols:

Triple H


The Rock

British Bulldogs



OPW History: Within mere weeks of existing on the roster, Newt became an OPW Tag Team Champion as part of The Cult of The Apocalypse. Making quick work of some of Outcast's most talented, Newt certainly has come a long, long way since the demise of his former self...


Goals in OPW: Harm. Alarm. Distress.



Chloroform DDT

Biohazard Suplex




CM Punk

Self Rollins

Daniel Bryan


Career highlight to date: Becoming an OPW Champion in the fastest time.

OPW Promo Mar 3rd 23-121.jpeg


Atticus Black, the island’s finest has made tsunami waves within OPW by time and time again, taking on numerous individuals at once as well as hunting down top tier wrestlers. 
While on his mission to achieve pure greatness, Black is taking no prisoners to secure his first championship.


Running knee

Stone Cold Steve Austin 
Seth Rollins 
Diamond Dallas Page


To be know as OPWs best champion 

I was in homecoming battle royal, the Christmas carnage match, Retaliation match battle royal, and went face to face with the top OPW wrestlers.



OPW History: Debuted at Island Warfare 2 but fell short to Maxx Carnage. Only to come back in Warfare 3 and eliminate "The Monster" Maxx Carnage.

Goals in OPW: Be the hero that OPW needs!


Finisher(s): Bilfrost, Mjolnir and Hero's Welcome


Wrestling Idol(s): Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and Eddie Guerrero


Career Highlight to date: 

- RnV tag team champion

- RnV tag team of the year 2013

- First person to pin Maxx Carnage on their own

- OPW Tag Team Champion 



OPW History:

- Made his debut in the Island Warfare 3 Competed in the 6 man over the top battle royal at Retaliation

- Competed in the 2021 Christmas Carnage

- Battled the Cult of the Apocalypse at Retaliation 2021 - Competed in a tag team turmoil match for the OPW Tag Team championships with Nathan Payne

- Competed in a tag team match with The White Wolf Scott Carine at OPW No Regrets


Goals in OPW: Win the OPW World Heavyweight Championship



Bayonet Twisted Effect

The Diving HeadShot


Wrestling Idols:

 Jeff Hardy

Dolph Ziggler

Chris Benoit

Matt Hardy

AJ Styles

Kevin Owens


Career Highlight to date: 

Making his debut infront of the first show back since lockdown.

Challenged for a #1 contender's spot for the Isle of Wight Championship Competed in the 2021 Christmas Carnage



OPW History:

Corey made his OPW debut Aged 14, he was dragged into the ring by Jackson Arrow who saw him as an easy target but almost bit off more than he could chew when Corey wowed the OPW fans by taking Jackson to the limit and nearly becoming the new OPW champion through pure heart and determination. Corey then entered number four at Island Warefare 5, where he stunned fans by eliminating Jackson with incredible speed and having a signature celebration with the OPW fans with his signature fruit shoot celebration.



Step in stunner, frog splash and claymore



John Cena, The rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin.



Win it all.


Highlight so far:

Pinning Jackson Arrow in Island Warfare 5 and celebrating with the Outcast Pro Wrestling fans and a few fruit shoots!



O.P.W history:

Debuted at Warfare V, in the multi man event itself.



Skull crushing finale

Wrestling idols:

El Generico, Johnny Gargano, Seth Rollins, Will Ospreay, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock


OPW Goals:

To go as far as I can and get as many titles as I can along the way.


Career highlights:

Debuting at Warfare V, and going toe to toe with Victor Logan. Hopefully there's plenty more of that to come in the future.


OPW Promo Mar 3rd 23-247.jpeg


Becky Echo has bern announcing for OPW since their return show after the pandemic - Island Warfare 3!! Since then she has been a part of the furniture at almost every show. 

Wrestling idols:

Rhea Ripley, Finn Balor, Trish stratus, Lita


OPW Goals:

Keep on announcing wherever that may be! Give wrestling a go and take the general manager job from Jackson Arrow!

Career highlights:
- Announcing warhorse at island warfare 5
- Being welcomed into the OPW family 
- Announcing at CXW’s first ever show



OPW Promo Mar 3rd 23-259.jpeg


Our referees: Jeferee and Damian Hill! Keeping our wrestlers in the ring not only safe, but also in check. These guys do not mess around!

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