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Is there anyone tougher, more talented with more charisma in Outcast Pro Wrestling than the White Wolf? He certainly doesn’t think so.

In a land of high flyers you will rarely see The Gift leave his feet, he prides himself in being different and his unique ground and pound style certainly makes him stand out from the crowd. 

The Gift debuted in OPW back in 2019 as The Natural when he faced off against The Celtic Dragon, Neero The Hunter and Victor Logan and although he came up short and didn’t walk away with the Win he had a good showing and had a favourable reaction from the fans in attendance. The Gift then moved on to Christmas Carnage where he picked up his first victory against Dude Riot in the Christmas Carnage match.

Things then took a turn for The Gift during OPW Pre-Show he entered into a feud with Neero The Hunter, which didn’t end well when The Gift suffered a broken ankle and was put on the shelf for a number of weeks.

On his return to OPW the fans saw a completely different man when following a hard fought match between The Hunter and Dude Riot, for reasons only known to The Gift he attacked his long term friend Dude Riot and left him an unconscious heap in the middle of the ring.
Now The Gift is on a mission for one person and one person alone. HIMSELF and he will stop at nothing to leave his opponents broken on his way to obtaining OPW Gold.


Cross Armed Pedigree

Guillotine Choke


Future Shock DDT


Triple H


The Rock

British Bulldogs

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