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OPW history

Competed in both Island Warfare matches, in Island Warfare 2 finished in the Final 4. Was in the opening match of the first ever OPW 18+ show at Coburgs. First man to never give up against Max Carnage with the ref stopping the match

Dominated the fatal 4 Way at Riverside 3 but failed to get the win! Competed in the first Christmas Carnage Match.

Wrestling idols

Doplh Ziggler

The Miz

Dean Ambrose

CM Punk

Goals in OPW

In the words of Victor Logan:

“Everyone wants to ‘be Main Eventing’ or ‘Winning Championships’ that’s not what I’m about... I’m all about showing exactly how good I am, showing that other wrestlers can’t do what I can do in the ring!

I may not win a lot of matches but I stand out like a winner every single damn time.

All I want is to be the best in ring performer going, so that no one can match me for my ability, heck if I rub people up the wrong way then fine so be it, but no one can doubt me in that ring! The ability I show better than everyone else, will one day show all of the haters wrong”.


The Rival Finale

Half a star Frog Splash

The KF-Cutter

Career highlights to date

Wrestling debut, a first ever singles match on the Mainland in front of 400+ people.

Wrestling on the Isle of Wight in front of sold out crowds.

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