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"The Hairiest Man in Wrestling" Victor Logan has been with Outcast Pro Wrestling since August 2018, he was the 3rd Trainee from the school to graduate from the school of OPW to make their way onto live shows making his debut at Island Warfare 1 in Febuary 2019.

Victor Logan is described by the OPW wrestlers as annoying but loveable at the same time.  The Outcast audience agreed with this statement and would often chant "KFC" and "Bargain Bucket" and for 18+ plus crowds "Chicken Dipper in his pants".

Victor would believe that everything was all about him, and that everyone would worship the ground he walked on. 

This "Popularity" or the annoyance lead to Outcast Management, Cliff Foster at the time, to force Victor to team with "The Hero" Alex Kent, and on their first outing as a tag team, they won the OPW Tag Team Titles from Arrow International lead by Jackson Arrow.

The pair of Kent and Logan would absolutely hate each and the audience would often cheer KENT and boo LOGAN. But overtime the pair would become on the same page and hold onto the Titles for 330 Days defeating top teams up and down the country. This would ultimately lead to the OPW Fanbase loving Victor as he would grow on them.


The love from the fans was noticed when Victor took on the  "Unforgettable" Axton Ray, at Retaliation 2022, despite losing the match Victor received a standing ovation, some would say this match was "Match of the Year 2022" as this match was highly praised by the wrestlers and fans, and it cemented Logan as a top babyface in OPW.

After Losing the Tag Titles, to the sickness at Danger Zone 2022, Kent and Logan remained good friends as they ended the tag team on good terms to pursue singles Careers.

Victor went on a massive singles run defeating JC Cardi, (former 2-time OPW Champion) JJ Volare and even winning the 3rd Annual Christmas Carnage in December 2022, which allowed him to pick his number for the Island Warfare 5 match.

This would be Victors 5th time entering the Island Warfare match, now he entered at number 14 to win the match and win his first ever singles title, the Isle of Wight Title.


Victor would hold onto the Title, defeating "Hot Prospect" Riley King, his former tag partner Alex Kent, long time rival JJ Volare and "IOW Finest" Atticus Black.

At Hijacked 2023, The fans picked for Victor to face his best friend and former Tag Team Partner "The Hero" Alex Kent for the IOW Title, after winning the match, the two embraced in a hug. On the same night Victor had noticed Jackson Arrow, The Virus and JJ Volare beaten up Corey Aged 15 after his losing effort to Jackson Arrow.

Victor along with Dude Riot and members of the OPW roster came out and stood for Corey, raising his hand.

Victor would become a leader in the locker room, amongst the wrestlers he lead Team Logan to victory over team Arrow at Civil War 2023, this would grant all members of team Logan a future OPW Title match whenever they wanted for a year.

At Danger Zone 2023, Victor Logan, who's still the IOW Champion, would challenge the then OPW Champion Jackson Arrow to a winner takes all match, TITLE v TITLE.

The match is highly regarded as the best match ever in OPW, "This is AWESOME" chants and a standing ovation at the end as Victor Logan won, winning his first ever OPW Heavyweight Title. 

He unifed both the IOW Title and OPW Heavyweight Title, this didn't last long as Victor relinquished the IOW Title as he felt that there are wrestlers who deserve opportunities like this and he didn't want to take it away from them.

Victor Logan, The now Heavyweight Champion of Outcast, later dubbed as the Hairy-weight Champion.


Doplh Ziggler

The Miz

Dean Ambrose

CM Punk



Keep on training and working hard and to keep putting on amazing matches with anyone and everyone in Outcast Pro Wrestling.​

Putting on great shows for the fans.

And most importantly, keep annoying the entire locker room of Outcast Pro Wrestling, whether it's creating memes online or winding everyone up backstage on shows.


  • Logan Arm

  • Gut Wrench Powerbomb 

  • Loganplex (Crossbody suplex)


  • Graduated from the School of Outcast Pro Wrestling

  • OPW Tag Team Champion (With Alex Kent)

  • Isle of Wight Champion

  • 2-Time OPW Heavyweight Champion

  • Christmas Carnage Match winner (2022)

  • Island Warfare Match Winner (2023)

  • Match of the Year 2023 (Vs Jackson Arrow @ Danger Zone)

  • Best Hair Award Winner (OPW Christmas Party 2023)

  • First Ever Trainee from the School of OPW to become a Triple Crown Winner in Outcast Pro Wrestling.

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"Victor Logan works incredibly hard, he is a freakish athlete perfectly combining power and agility. I have never met an individual as unbelievably strong as Victor Logan. "

Matt Jackson, Head Trainer at Outcast Pro Wrestling

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